My wonderful daughter and my experiences interacting with her

So I’m going to start with a small backstory.

When I was 18, I fell pregnant with my daughter and my ex was not happy with this so he left. So I go to my first scan at 3 months and was told that she might not make it full term. I was called in for another ultrasound about a month later where I was informed she was a girl, but she was barely living, this absolutely broke my heart and about 2 weeks later, I miscarried.

Her name was Skylar, Skye for short.

Since I miscarried, I am certain I’ve had a few interactions with her, it started off with white feathers (floating into my room, on pavements, in places that I go to on a regular basis etc) and this happened for about 3 years after I lost her.

I have also had a couple of occasions where it gets to her due date and she appears in my dreams as a child just blowing out candles, this has happened twice now.

Skye, I know you’re out there trying to send a message, and I love you. I’m sorry we never got the chance to properly meet.